Can European regions meet their own energy needs?

The REFORMERS research team is sure we can!

The REFORMERS project will demonstrate that with technologies today it is possible to transform local energy systems towards systems that are able to meet their communities’ energy needs on an annual basis through local sourcing, and thereby eliminating dependence on fossil fuels for the security of supply.

“How can this happen?

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April 3, 2024

Reformers Press Release: The Future of Europe’s Energy Valleys

In a significant stride towards the European energy transition, the REFORMERS project announces its first press release. This ambitious research initiative is set to explore and develop the potential of Renewable Energy Valleys across the Europe in a large testbed facility in Alkmaar, setting up and testing energy solutions that are both sustainable, safe and efficient. In REFORMERS, larger communities including households, services, and light industries…

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March 12, 2024

How Renewable Energy Valley can impact our future?

The implementation of a local energy system, which shifts energy production from a centralised system to a decentralised system, has been further studied across Europe, and today takes a significant leap forward with its latest initiative on Renewable Energy Valleys (REVs). These valleys stand at the forefront of the green transition, strengthening innovation in renewable energy systems to bolster energy security and independence across Europe. …

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March 12, 2024

REFORMERS project launches its activities in November 2023

Thanks to the joint effort of 28 partners from 10 European countries, a large testbed facility in Boekelermeer business park will prove how “Renewable Energy Valleys” can represent the optimal energy system for small to medium industrial sites close to residential sites.  In Alkmaar’s “Renewable Energy Valley,” a diverse mix of more than 300 businesses and 3,000 households is currently connected to a shared energy…

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March 12, 2024

Exploring the future of renewable energy : The REFORMERS Kick of Meeting in Alkmaar

On November 22nd, the city of Alkmaar set the stage for the inaugural Kick of Meeting of the REFORMERS project during an exciting two-day journey   The  first day of meeting started with a short welcome from Alkmaar’s alderman Christian C. Schouten and the opening remarks from the flagship coordinator Joep Sanderink. REFORMERS project coordinator Thierry Coosemans and the sister project CRETE VALLEY coordinator Vangelis…

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