March 12, 2024

Exploring the future of renewable energy : The REFORMERS Kick of Meeting in Alkmaar

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On November 22nd, the city of Alkmaar set the stage for the inaugural Kick of Meeting of the REFORMERS project during an exciting two-day journey


The  first day of meeting started with a short welcome from Alkmaar’s alderman Christian C. Schouten and the opening remarks from the flagship coordinator Joep Sanderink. REFORMERS project coordinator Thierry Coosemans and the sister project CRETE VALLEY coordinator Vangelis Marinakis from NTUA shortly introduced the two projects’ main research ambition and concept and wished each other good luck. 

The day proceeded with REFORMERS and its sister project, CRETE VALLEY’s coordinators, laying out their visions for a renewable energy future, igniting enthusiasm and commitment amongst attendees. 

The first day was further enriched by the Flagship Valley bus tour in Boekelermeer, including a visit to Ciropack, where innovative technologies have significantly improved employee wellbeing and operational efficiencies. The journey continued to InVesta, an hub for renewable energy technology experimentation, highlighting remarkable efforts in green molecule innovation.



The second day in Alkmaar started within the iconic De Meent ice skating sport complex, graced by key European climate and energy figures. The discourse celebrated the POCITYF project’s milestones, underscoring considerable energy savings and financial advantages, a testament to the project’s dedication to sustainable energy practices.

The REFORMERS initiative now stands at the threshold of significantly advancing Alkmaar’s goal of a 100% sustainable energy future by 2050. The collective zeal and cooperative spirit evidenced throughout the meeting accentuate the project’s capacity for meaningful environmental impact.

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