April 3, 2024

Reformers Press Release: The Future of Europe’s Energy Valleys

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In a significant stride towards the European energy transition, the REFORMERS project announces its first press release. This ambitious research initiative is set to explore and develop the potential of Renewable Energy Valleys across the Europe in a large testbed facility in Alkmaar, setting up and testing energy solutions that are both sustainable, safe and efficient. In REFORMERS, larger communities including households, services, and light industries are already sharing and consuming renewable energy produced mostly on site and will increasingly do so while the project advances.

At the heart of REFORMERS is a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. Understanding the diverse landscape of Europe, the project distributes its press release in eight different languages to ensure that stakeholders, participants, and the general public across partners’ countries and in the Satellite Valleys can stay informed and engaged with the project’s developments in their local language.

Share this press release broad and wide and stay tuned for updates on how REFORMERS harnesses the power of Europe’s renewable energy valleys for a low-emissions future.

English version

Greek version

Italian version

Dutch version

German version

Spanish version

Swedish version

Polish version


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