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Renewable Energy Valleys

Towards an European energy self-reliance

The main ambition of the REFORMERS project is to enhance renewable energy supplies through diversification and optimisation of the overall efficiency of local energy systems.
Combining consolidated technological solutions with the most innovative energy management systems it’s possible to ramp up green energy production.



REVT1 stimulates the increase and integration of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) such as wind and solar. Also, the track supports the diversification of energy supplies and contributes to the decarbonization of the energy sector by promoting the use of sustainable biomethane and hydrogen, thereby aligning with the EU’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving climate neutrality.

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Conversion and storage


REVT2 focuses on the development and integration of conversion, storage, and grid-related technologies. By enhancing the capacity for energy storage and improving the efficiency of energy conversion and distribution processes, this track enables the integration of additional RES, contributes to the security and autonomy of local and regional energy supplies, and also helps to relieve the severe grid congestion in the area. This aligns with the objectives of REFORMERS to increase the share of consumed energy produced locally, thus supporting the EU’s ambition to enhance energy security and autonomy.


End users and prosumers


REVT3 focuses on the implementation of smart renewable energy solutions by consumers, that often operate as prosumers, across various sectors, including mobility, residential, industry, and businesses. This track encourages active involvement of citizens and businesses in renewable energy communities, fostering a participatory approach to energy production and consumption. By promoting energy efficiency and technologies for renewable energy consumption into daily operations, REVT3 contributes to the economic, societal, and environmental objectives of REFORMERS and the broader EU energy and climate goals.


Monitoring, optimizazion and control


REVT4 is involved with the monitoring, optimization, and control of the energy system in the Flagship Valley. WTG will deploy their Teleport (Home & Pro) Gateways to monitor the relevant assets and make them controllable; Repowered will populate and implement their Joint Optimized Energy production (JOEP) platform which uses advanced optimization and control algorithms considering multiple energy carriers, markets and local constraints; Grid operator Alliander will deploy their ENTRANCE-platform that facilitates local trading between partners.

Finatial, legal and social dimensions


REVT5 is an interlinking track that focuses on stakeholder engagement, business models,  governance structures and legal/policy aspects as a critical aspect of the transition to renewable energy. Overall, REVT5 aims to provide FV stakeholders with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to develop effective strategies and solutions that can help accelerate the transition to Renewable Energy Valleys.

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Flaship Valley

The key to develop a replicable, multi-vector approach for sustainable local systems. The Flagship Valley in Alkmaar will serve as a replicable approach for developing REVs throughout Europe.

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